12 Proven Tips To Improve Your Technical hiring Strategy

technical hiring tips

The Indian IT industry has emerged as a crucial component of the technology-driven knowledge economy of the 21st century. The rising demand for talent recruitment in this sector has helped India to be recognized as a knowledge economy. By 2025, India’s IT sector is expected to reach $100 billion. Whether it be IT services, IT-enabled services, e-commerce, Software, and Hardware products, each one has given a vast opportunity for technical hiring. A company’s growth to a great extent depends on its personnel.

For this, it is very important to know how to attract top talent for your company? Still, have you ever thought why it is so hard to find tech talents? Research by Korn Ferry has predicted that the tech sector is going to experience a shortage of 4.3 million workers by 2030.

Read here and find out the proven tips for technical hiring and technical recruiter skills to bring in high-tech talent to your organization.

Who Are Tech Talents?

Technical hiring was once confined to hiring people with specific IT skills. But now tech talent acquisition has reached beyond technical skills. Tech talent recruitment focuses on a perfect combo of technical skills and soft skills. Technical skills that smoothly adhere to the needs of being a good software developer, computer science professional, data scientist, engineer, and many more. And soft skills that include project management, communication, teamwork, leadership, etc.

Who Are Technical Recruiters And Their Role In The Organization?

Recruiting and maintaining a strong workforce is not as easy as it seems. No matter the industry, finding the proper people may be a challenge. The technical hiring process faces different obstacles that make it even more important to recruit the excellent. Talent tech recruitment is not just hiring any employee it is to find the perfect fit. Owing to these challenges, the tech companies are hiring technical recruiters to escort their hiring endeavors. They are experts in making the process easier, limiting the hiring time, and creating long-term recruiting opportunities.

What Challenges Do Organizations Face While Doing Technical Recruitment?

Apart from being the big giant companies in the IT industry, sourcing the talent is filled with bumps and curves. The issues related to the technical hiring process may vary depending on the company’s size and the role you are hiring for. Here are a number of the common ones:

  • Evaluating skillful developers
  • Unearth the talent
  • Magnetize the talent
  • Compelling developers of content
  • Resume mistrust
  • Prompt decisions
  • Working without geographic restrictions

Tips For Attracting The Right Tech Talents

1. Get Familiar With Tech Jargon

understand tech jargon for technical hiring

Being familiar with and understanding the actual meaning of technical jargon is very important to attract the right tech talent. This helps to source tech talent, write exact job descriptions, and properly interview tech candidates.

2. Create A Tech-Savvy Career Page For Your Site

Most developers come across the companies’ via media and their content. For an organization, it is very necessary to be visible through websites, blogs, videos, and news. Collaborating with the marketing department and creating content to reach people can help to a great extent. ZD Net, Gigaom, and Computer World are the top 3 Technology Websites.

3. In-Depth Understanding Of Tech Job Roles

Essential skill requirements and responsibilities for a particular job can be confused if you are from a non-technical background. It must clearly define the skills required for that position before hiring candidates for a job. A detailed job description clearly defines the roles and saves your time.

4. Focus On Learning & Developing Tech Skills Of Employees

tech skills of employee

Being in the age of continuous innovation it is necessary to make the aspirants feel that this company is going to provide you with opportunities for learning new skills. SAS, a leader in software and services, provides its employees with professional training and development programs.

5. Hire A Technical Recruitment Agency

The easiest and the best way is to go for a technical recruitment agency. For example, Vijeta Placements, a trusted recruiting agency, has in-depth contacts in the tech industry. They help you to access a wider pool of tech talent and fetch the best ones. They do a complete screening of candidates and provide you with the best suitable candidate for your company.

6. Share Proper Job Descriptions With Tech Candidates

Share every detail of the job you are looking for. Feel free to contact the prospective tech workers and share details of the company along with the monetary and non-monetary benefits you offer. For example, share the job profile and its perfect match with the qualification of the aspirant.

7. Introduce Your Company To Local Tech Communities

leverage local communities to attract new talents

There are different social events where a large number of tech companies and tech workers gather. To generate leads it is best to join such platforms. For example, the India FinTech Festival is a yearly event organized by the Government of Maharashtra where big giants gather.

8. Initiate An Employee Referral Program

For a technical hiring approach, your employees would most probably have a network of tech friends. Employees are the ones who know what their companies need and they recommend the most trusted ones. For example, Google’s recruiters ask their employees about the best software developer they know.

9. Leverage Social Media to Post the Company’s Tech Environment

social media for technical hiring

Social media platforms like LinkedIn, technical blogs and forums are the best sources of aspirant candidates. People keep on searching for jobs here and many of them are also reached through their blogs.

10. Organize & Offer Challenges To Tech Talents For Extended Networks

networking for technical hiring

Your websites can provide exciting and challenging tasks for tech talents. In 2012, Stripe had a Capture the Flag security war-games featured on their blog. It is designed to allow tech talent to practice identifying and exploiting security problems. This improves their understanding of the way hackers can break their code.

11. Skill Assessments Test Is A Must

From amongst the entire resumes filter, the candidates based on their resumes. Resumes do not always speak the truth. Take a systematic assessment test to check the skills and evaluate the expertise.

12. Prepare Yourself For Negotiations & Offer Several Perks

With the rising demand for tech talent acquisition you have to be prepared to offer fair pay to retain the best employees. Google, Amazon, and Microsoft are the top three companies that give handsome pay along with other perquisites to their employees.


These top strategies for technical recruiting involve investing in advertising, both online and locally, teaming up with a technical recruiter, offering a competitive job package, and joining tech networks and forums. While on the other hand, you can go for the easiest and most effective way of choosing a Tech Hiring Company that would bring in the best for you.


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