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IT Industry Overview

India has made its mark on the world map with its booming IT industrial sector. India’s IT industry is regarded as a hub of innovators providing world-class technology solutions across the globe. The country that was once known for agriculture is now recognized as a knowledge economy.
With the competitive nature of this industry, there will always be a need for skilled working professionals in this tech era. To accomplish this, Vijeta Placements team provides up-to-date dedicated technical recruitment plans to our clients.

IT Recruitment Solutions We Offer

IT Workforce Solutions

Our IT hiring service offers befitting workforce solutions that would help you to endure through fluctuating factors like time, cost, risk, control, and expertise.

Pre-Recruitment Solutions

As an IT recruitment specialist, we provide complete pre-interview preparation at our end.

IT Operations Recruitment

Our HR hiring and recruitment agency provides innovative IT solutions. We believe in providing suitable and reliable employees as per your requirement.

A Glimpse Of Our Recruitment Process

Requirement Analysis

Our IT recruiting firm looks for candidates who can be a perfect match for your specific profile requirement.
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Step 1

Create Customized Recruitment Plans

Based on a deep understanding of the client’s needs our IT recruitment agency provides customized plans that adhere to all your requirements.
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Step 2

Short-List & Verification Of Candidates

A candidate database is created by selecting resumes from multiple sources. Our IT recruitment specialist screens out applicants and takes preliminary interviews.
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Step 3

Arrange Interviews

The short-listed resumes are sent for securitization by your technical department.
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Step 4

Manage The Job Offers

Once the candidate is finalized and the vacancy is closed keep a track of follow-up with the candidate to ensure they join your company as per the agreed terms.
Step 5

International Recruitment Solutions

Explore our international recruitment services for IT Industry

Why Should You Choose an IT Recruitment Agency?

Rapid Hiring

Hiring and analyzing IT recruitment firms takes time when not done in a proper way. We have a rapid and smooth approach of hiring and recruitment.

Provides High-Quality Candidates

We, the hiring and recruiting agency have their in-house recruiting process too. We analyse the requirements and shortlist the candidates accordingly.

Specialized In Recruitment

We come into contact with so many companies and job-seekers. We are very well-aware of their qualifications, current salary and much more.

Knowledge Of IT Market

When your candidate requirement is very specific and you are finding it hard to get one, IT hiring agencies play a very important role.

Our Recruiters are Specialists

Our recruiters know exactly how to reach out to the best talent, current hiring complexities, available skill-sets, salary rates, and career expectations.

Have Extended Reach

We have a great network and each consultant puts his efforts with the potential to help connect you to the right people.