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Automobile Industry Overview

Being the fifth-largest industry in India, the Automobile industry is involved with the designing, development, manufacturing, marketing, and selling of motor vehicles. Due to the large demography of young individuals, the two-wheelers segment dominates the market. With this, India is also a prominent auto exporter. The Automobile industry is growing terrifically not only in terms of sales but also in hiring.
The industry requires highly expert people, but finding the perfect candidate is a struggle for them. Here comes our role as consultants for recruitment in the automobile industry. We assist Automobile industries in hiring candidates for different roles in the industry.

Our Process of Hiring & Recruiting

Client’s Requirement Understanding

We primarily dedicate ourselves to deeply understanding the client's requirements. We gather information about the company's vision, goal, and profile of their ideal candidate for hire.
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Step 1

Sourcing Of Profiles And Mapping Of Positions

Candidates who are perfect for the positions are recognized and their skills are mapped to bridge the gap between the company's expectations and candidates they should hire to reach them.
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Step 2

Targeting Right Profiles

Our professional team conducts special interviews and looks at prospects to choose from as per their backgrounds.
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Step 3

Filtering & Verification Of Candidates

Our team of experts filter the candidates and verifies their skills and documents for ensuring credibility.
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Step 4

Scheduling & Facilitating Interviews

Interviews are scheduled with the candidates. The recruiting company is briefed about the candidates in advance to ensure an effective interview in less time.
Step 5

Final Selection & Deployment

The candidates are selected through the interview and hired at the automotive company. Our methodical follow-up culture helps to ensure a smooth recruitment process.
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Automobile Sectors We Are Expertise In

International Recruitment Solutions

We provide professional automobile recruiting services globally

Why Should You Choose a Vijeta for Automobile Recruitment?

Expertise In Industry Knowledge

We at Vijeta are experts in a talent acquisition consultancy. Our team is from different industries, who are devoted to offering the best of their expert knowledge.

Up To Date Market Information

We keep ourselves updated with the market scenario to be able to deliver our best for the clients. The happenings in the industry and market information helps us to be updated with the latest trends to deliver more than our client asks for.

Extended Reach For The Best Talent

Our huge network of talents in the industry helps us connect the best candidate to the company. We target to provide the best talents as per the client’s requirements. Our talent acquisition agency is connected to talents in the industry to recognize perfect matches for our clients.

Conduct Smooth Screening

Our proficient recruitment procedure ensures smooth screening of the candidates. We use different tools and industry knowledge to identify the best talent for our clients. Our team is dedicated to know the exact requirements of our clients and screens the best candidates for them.

Deep Scanning of Candidate’s Skill-Sets

With deep scanning of the candidate’s skills, we ensure to deliver experts for our clients. Our team deeply goes through the candidate’s skills-set and finds the best match for the company with similar career goals. The candidates delivered are best in their skills and commit to working for the growth of the automotive company.