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FMCG Industry Overview

Fast-moving Consumer Goods or commonly known as the FMCG sector is the highest growing sector in the country. FMCG accounts to be the 4th largest sector in India, dealing with goods that are produced, distributed, marketed, and consumed in a short duration of time. The growing awareness, changing lifestyles, and easier access are factors contributing to the growth of the sector.
With the growth of the sector, demands to hire experts in the field are also growing. We at our FMCG recruitment agency have the best recruitment process, and with the network of versatile talents, we assist our clients to find the perfect candidate for different roles for their company.

Explore Our FMCG Recruitment Process

Develop An Understanding Of The Organization

The foremost step we take is to develop an understanding of our clients, their vision, goals as a company, and the structure of the organization. We also gather detailed information about the role, degree, package, and expectations for an ideal candidate.
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Step 1

Create Position-Specific Planning

As FMCG job consultants, when we have the information about the requirements of our clients, we start planning the recruitment process according to the position.
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Step 2

Evaluation And Shortlisting Of Candidates

Our FMCG recruitment agency then starts the evaluation of the candidates using industry research and our wide networks. The candidates are shortlisted according to the requirements of our client company.
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Step 3

Organize Interviews

Interviews are then scheduled with the candidates who are shortlisted according to the client's demand and pre-data-like briefs are prepared and delivered to the client’s well in advance.
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Step 4

Background Checking Of Successful Candidates

The candidates who are selected through the interview have to go through a background check. This is done to ensure the credibility of the candidate and avoid any end-moment hassles.
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Step 5

Regular Follow-Ups

We at Vijeta believe in delivering the best of our efforts. Regular follow-ups are done to maintain transparent communication between the client and the candidate.
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FMCG Sectors We Are Expertise In

International Recruitment Solutions

We offer professional consulting and recruitment services in a variety of FMCG sectors

Why Should You Choose a Vijeta for FMCG Recruitment?

Believe In Client Satisfaction

Our FMCG recruitment agency believes in client satisfaction by providing the experts for their company. Our methods of hiring for FMCG Company are targeted towards the client’s ultimate requirement. Our efficient team is fully dedicated to providing the best talents for our clients.

Prompt And Effective Delivery Of All Services

With the strength of our diverse team, we aim to deliver all services. We offer services like mass hiring and recruitment, hiring at different levels-from frontliners to mid or senior-level managerial positions, executive hiring. With our super-effective team, we promise to offer a prompt response every time.

Committed To Surpassing Client's Requirements

For us, the success of our FMCG recruitment agency lies in the growth of our clients. We give our utmost efforts to make a perfect match between the candidate and the client. By understanding the client’s requirements in detail we aim to deliver the experts in the skills.

Conduct Seamless Screening Process

With detailed understanding of the client’s requirement and candidate’s expectation, we match the ones with similar expectations. This makes the hiring for the FMCG Company seamless and optimizes the screening process.

Deep Research On Talents And Industries

We have a huge network of talents from the industries. It gives us the bridging opportunity between the company and the candidate who is perfect for the role. We collaborate closely with our clients to provide them with the best talents in the industry who will play a key role in the growth of the company.