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BFSI Industry Overview

The Banking, Financial Service, and Insurance sector or commonly known as the BFSI sector is considered at the core of the country’s growth. This sector represents a major part of the Indian economy. This sector has seen a bold stand from the last 15 years to India’s economic development and growth.
With the advent of BFSI sectors, the industry demands for the right professionals who can contribute well in the organization. We at Vijeta Placements, are recruitment and placement consultants who offer the best candidates to BFSI companies.

How Do We Help BFSI Industries to Acquire the Right Talent?

Client’s Requirements Gathering

Our BFSI recruitment process involves primarily gathering the client's requirements so that we can connect them to candidates as per their requirements. Trust us with all your recruitment consultations.
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Step 1

Customize Recruitment Plan

Our team is dedicated to matching the perfect candidates as per the requirement of the client. The team makes a customized recruitment plan according to the client's skills requirement.
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Step 2

Pre-Interview Sessions for Candidates

At Vijeta, we aim to provide the best talent consultancy. Pre-Interview sessions are organized for candidates to identify the best ones as per the client's requirement.
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Step 3

Shortlisting & Background Verification

The potential candidates are shortlisted and verified for their documents to avoid any hassle-free BFSI recruitment process.
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Step 4

Finalizing the Job Offer with Intensive Follow-ups

We, as a recruitment agency for finance jobs, excel in the approach of intensive follow-ups. With this approach, we promote transparent communication between the company and the candidate.
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BFSI Sectors We Are Expertise In

International Recruitment Solutions

Expertise in recruiting, consulting locally & globally for BFSI Industries

Why Should You Choose Vijeta As a BFSI Recruitment Agency?

Forward-Thinking Approach

We have an approach that goes towards the success of our clients. As a talent acquisition consultancy, we aim to provide the best talents, who will be involved in the growth of the company.

Ability To Identify The Right Talent

Through a streamlined recruitment approach, we aim to identify the right talent for our clients. We not only assess the candidates just through their resumes but we have tools to analyze their skills and qualities and whether they are a growth factor for our clients.

Active Follow-Ups

Our systemized approach helps companies and clients to communicate transparently. Through our active follow-up approach, we try our best to eliminate any kind of confusion between the hiring executives and the candidates, keeping everyone well- informed throughout the BFSI recruitment process.